This is a personal blog, which started off detailing the travails of a Wine and Spirits Education Trust (WSET) Diploma student, beginning six weeks from the exam on Unit 3, Light Wines of the World.  I managed to pass the exam, and thus the Diploma, but this blog continues.  Early posts are about study plans, analysis of past exams, and trying to be as prepared as possible, while not wasting time studying things that weren’t likely to turn up on the exam.

With that behind me now, most posts are about wine, typically about the wine in a glass or bottle that I’m drinking at the moment.  I’m trying to get into a format of talking about the region, the grape or grapes, the producer, and then the wine as it presents itself in the glass.  Some posts are about other drinks, and some are about wine or drinks more generally, like an account of a day in a winery, or a tasting of too many wines to cover them in any detail individually.  Once in a while I’ll have a meta post about actually putting this blog together, or tips regarding the WSET Diploma.

There are no grand plans for this blog – it’s more a wine journal for my own consumption than anything else.  It works much better than me actually remembering things.  If someone, somewhere, reads this and finds it entertaining, then great, but if not, I’m enjoying myself and that’s what this is really about.

Also, I try my best to be my own fact checker, but I appreciate being corrected when I am wrong.  Sadly, I do not have a copy editor, and every time I reread a post, I find some typo or other.  Your patience is appreciated.

And a note about the domain itself: while this blog is of very narrow (or non-existent) interest to anyone else, I’ve gone to some trouble to secure drunk.com and drunken.com and have no wish to sell either of them.  Update – this domain is now for sale.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the Twitter follow and the gentle promo of my site and products. I see that we share an Interest in new varietal wines.

    I’m putting the finishing touches on an e-book “Effective Tweeting for Wineries” . It may be of interest to you. As a Twitter newbie would you like to read/roadtest it for me, and maybe pick up a few tips on getting your tweets more widely read. Cheers

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