I’m not an artist or a photographer, so apologies for the lack of quality images on the site.  I  try to accompany each tasting note with a bottle shot, sometimes posed with a glass of the wine in question. Unfortunately, the places in which I find myself drinking are not often particularly conducive to good photography, especially by the likes of me.  For now, photographs are largely so I can keep track of what I’ve been drinking, and as some sort of proof that I was actually in contact with a bottle of the wine I’m describing.

Also, while the images are mine, the intellectual property of the subjects of the images (labels, logos, covers, what have you) belong to whoever is responsible for them.  If that’s you and you’re not keen on a photo I’ve taken of one of your bottles, please let me know and I’ll be happy to remove it.

As for the header images, I’m trying to keep a theme of vertical lines with materials that relate to the topic at hand. So far, it’s books, maps and charts, magazines, and corks. Bottles will undoubtedly follow.

Most of the maps and charts are from Vinodiversity along with a whisky tasting chart I picked up in Argentina (of all places), a map of Burgundy from my trip there, and a Langton’s classification chart.

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  1. Dear,
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