Romanée-Conti vineyard with some blogger standing in front of it

Romanée-Conti vineyard with some blogger standing in front of it

Who I am is not particularly important, or to be fair, interesting.  It’s not exactly a secret, but this blog and the opinions expressed are completely separate from who I am and what I do professionally, and I would prefer to keep it that way.  If you’re curious, feel free to ask.

That said, there are some things about me that are pertinent to the writing I do, and so I’ll list a few of them here.  I am a Wine and Spirits Education Trust Diploma Graduate and Certified Instructor, as well as an Associate Member of the Institute of Wines & Spirits.  I’ve worked three vintages in the Adelaide Hills with most of my time spent in the winery, though with more than a fair few dawn starts in the vineyard.  I’ve travelled through quite a few New World wine regions in California, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, in addition to a big trip through most of the major regions of France.

So while none of the above makes me an expert, I like to think I’m committed to the study of wine, and while this isn’t always a serious blog, I do take wine seriously.

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  2. Hello and thanks for your blogs and review of Point Leo Road wnies. The Law family, not the Mays, were the founders of the business. Can you update?
    Many thanks,
    Neva Law

  3. Hi,

    I am looking to contact you(the websmaster) about running some ad’s on your site potentially.

    Please shoot me an email.



  4. I just want to say thank you for this excellent blog. I am about to hit the hay before my (first) attempt at Unit 3. I can foresee a retake in January but have really appreciated utilising your highly useful tips. Sadly I only discovered this 2 days ago…! Will be putting all of the notes into practice in the future. In total admiration of your style of writing and detailed tasting notes (with added info galore). I have told my fellow students from Plumpton College (UK Wine Making and Wine Business degree course provider) about this, lots of traffic coming your way. Thanks again. I’m not holding out any hope for tomorrow now sadly.

    • Thanks for your comment and best of luck with your exam! I’ve been woefully neglectful since vintage started in February, but such nice feedback has reminded me that I need to get back to writing. Take care.

  5. And relax…that was a good exam. If I have to do a retake in January I wont mind as I really enjoyed that one and actually want more! But passing would be nice. Thanks again and looking forward to more writing and excellent wine reviews. Might even take up the blogging lark myself properly too.

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