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There are a few simple rules about the wines (and occasionally other beverages) featured here.

I pick them.

I choose the wines featured in this blog, so anything is fair game.  Based on my location, wines of South Australia feature prominently, and based on availability it can be more difficult to source wines from some other parts of the world.  However, I do try to maintain some variety as far as regions and grapes.  Also, as there are so many producers, I will try not to cover wines from a single producer more than once a year.

I pay for them.

I buy the wine I review here, which is to say I don’t accept samples.  (Someone did offer, once.  Really.)  If you are a producer and would like me to have a look at one of your wines, drop me a line and there’s a good chance I’ll pick up a bottle and give it a try.  If I like it, I’ll probably write it up, but if not, I’ll write about something else.  (And either way, you’ve sold a bottle.)

I drink them.

I have some qualifications and experience in tasting wine professionally, but the wines here are for drinking.  Like most people, I choose to drink wines that I think I’ll enjoy.  Knowing a little about wine and my personal tastes, it’s therefore rare that I find myself drinking something that I don’t like, and you may notice this reflected in my assessments of the quality of wines (that is they’re generally “good” or better).  Also, I actually drink more than I write, so in the unfortunate cases where I don’t like a wine, I’d rather just skip it and write about something else.

The only exception to these rules is when I write about a wine in the context of a professional tasting.  Under such circumstances, I don’t pick the wines, I don’t typically pay for them, and I spit after I’ve tasted.

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