I’m putting together an overview of Australian gins for a research paper. ┬áThe first step is to try to identify all gin made in Australia, and then to put together some meaningful analysis in terms of the styles, how they’re made, their place in the market, and ideally some sense of the market as a whole. ┬áHere’s where I am on the first step, and if you know of a producer or gin that isn’t listed, please drop me a line.

Company Name

Gin Name

AMS Liquor
Jinn Dry Gin
Distillery Botanica (formerly St. Fiacre Distillery)
Moore’s Vintage Dry Gin
Edgemill Group
Begin Gin
Great Southern Distilling Company
Ginnifer Golden Gin
Great Southern Distilling Company
Great Southern Gin ‘London Dry Style’
Kangaroo Island Spirits
KIS Wild Gin
Lark Distillery
Pepperberry Gin
Strait Brands
Strait Dry Gin
Strait Brands
Strait Tasmanian Sloe Gin
Stone Pine Distillery
Dry Gin – Native Blend
Tambourine Mountain Distillery
Gin Pink 47
Tambourine Mountain Distillery
Lilly Pilly Gin
Tasmania Distillery
Mt Wellington Gin
West Australia Distilling Company
Opal Blue Premium Dry Gin
The West Winds Gin
Dirty Harry
The West Winds Gin
The Cutlass
The West Winds Gin
The Sabre
Wild Swan Distillery
1827 Wild Swan Gin


3 thoughts on “Gins

  1. wow, i never knew there were so many Aussie gins. I’ve only heard of The West Winds Gin. Obviously the bars seem to favour promoting all the usual imports. I do like my Hendrick’s though. Used to be more a Bombay Sapphire fan too.

    • There are even a couple more I think, though they’re very generic brands that may just be distilled locally – not uniquely local products. I prefer Old Raj when I can get it.

  2. David Baker from Bakery Hill whisky in Melbourne also made a gin but the name escapes me.

    I am very interested in your research paper, any way to see it?

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