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Behind the curtain

Behind the curtain

I’ve made some changes to the website over the last few weeks, and while they’re small, I just wanted to bring some of them to the attention of readers in case they notice any problems.

First I’ve changed the way the Grapes page works, in that it now updates automatically when I post a new wine review based on the custom taxonomies I put into place some months back.  A small change, but it’s no longer subject to me remembering to update it, nor to my alphabetization skills.

Second, I’ve changed a few things on the right sidebar, including restoring the calendar after figuring out how to have it show both posts and wine reviews instead of just posts.  I’ve also updated the lists of links to reflect sites that are invaluable as far as research that I do for each post, as well as some sites I respect and enjoy.

Third, I’ve had another pass through the WSET Diploma OCW Links pages and cleared up a few formatting bugs that made it look a bit rubbish on Safari.  I’ve also updated the template for that section to differentiate it from the rest of the site and to make it a bit more like the WSET Study Guides from which the lists of terms are taken.

Finally, I’ve updated the About pages to give a bit more information about the site, the wines that are featured and about me, your host.

There are certainly a  few more things I’d like to do with the site in terms of improvements, but those changes were the most important to me so at this point I’m ready to get back to more writing.

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